Samsung Galaxy S series are famous with theirs elegant. If before we talked about Samsung Galaxy S9 review, we should admit that there is still better generation named Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. You should get to know more about Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus review in here. As the name implies, the plus indicates that Samsung Galaxy S9 is better than Samsung Galaxy S9. But is it true? Let’s check the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus review below to know the differences and similarities between this Samsung Galaxy S9 plus and the previous series Samsung Galaxy S9.

Bigger Screen

The first discussion about Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus review starts from the screen size. If Samsung Galaxy 9 has 5.8 inch screen, then the newest Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has a bigger 6.2 inch screen. Both of them are actually can be categorized have a big screen size. But if you want to get more comfortable in doing activity like watching movie, video call, or gaming, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus presents to answer your wish. If you want to know about the design and the phone case, there’s no different as Samsung Galaxy S9. Both have metal case and the same color choices.

The Same Camera Ability

What you expect for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus’s camera? Bigger pixels or new features? But in fact, you have to accept that Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has the same camera ability as Samsung Galaxy S9. It has 8 Megapixels front camera and 12 Megapixels main camera. There is also the similarity of the dual aperture which helps you to get a good quality photos in low light. This is the second Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus review which you should know.

Better Performance

Next Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus review to discuss is about the performance. Exynos 9810 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 are the same chipsets on both S9 and S9 Plus. But there is a plus point about 6 GB RAM in Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Of course it will give a faster performance when you use it.

So, the conclusion of this Samsung Galaxy S9 review is the newest version is better only for the screen and RAM. It’s good to have for those who want a large screen and RAM capacity. Hope this Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus review helps you to get to know more about this phone.