PS3 Red Screen Fixes

Got PS3 red screen when turning it on? Have searched around the Internet but found no fixes that work? Maybe you should try my way to fix the PS3 red screen of death. It has helped two PS3 players repair their red screen and I hope it will work for you as well.

One way to fix red screen of death on PS3 is to update the firmware. You need to download the latest firmware from Sony’s website. Prepare a USB memory stick, and create a folder called PS3 on it. Inside this PS3 folder, create a folder called UPDATE. Down load the PS3 firmware into the UPDATE folder.

Connect the USB memory stick to your PS3. Hit and hold the power button on PS3 until you here 3 beeps. You may seen the menu screen on PS3. If not, press and hold the power again. From the onscreen menu, you should be able to install the new firmware. Update your PS3 and see what happens. No change? Go to the next method.

The other way of PS3 red screen fix is to reformat your PS3 hard drive. There is high possibility that your PS3 hard drive has been corrupted which causes red screen. Therefore you have to reformat it, and restore the system to build the new database.

Firstly, backup all your personal files onto an external USB drive. Take out the your HDD and reformat it using your PC. OR reformat on you PS3 too. Press and hold the power button on PS3 until you here 2 beeps. Then you got a menu where guide you format the HDD.

After reformatting, reboot the PS3, there should be a screen asking you the restore the system. Follow the instructions and accept all the default settings. After that check to see how your PS3 works.

Give these two fixes a go. You have nothing to lose.

There are also chances that none of them works for you. If that is the case, you have to call Sony. They may ask you to send it back to it and return it after 4-6 weeks. But some lucky guys may have a replacement of a new PS3.

OR get yourself a PS3 repair Guide. This is also a good idea, for it costs little but benefits in the long term. Because a good repair guide will provide detailed fixes to most of the PS3 problems, including PS3 red screen.

No matter which way you choose, wish you a success at last.