Final Fantasy 13 Characters – Find Out Who’s in the Game!

Final Fantasy 13 (also known as FFXIII) is the latest game in the massively popular Role Playing Game series created by Square Enix. This is the first game in the series that will be released both on the XBOX 360 and the PlayStation 3, so both parties will now be able to meet the Final Fantasy 13 characters and experience their adventure.

Since the E3 event in 2006 when the game was first revealed (albeit, a rough demo of the game), the hype has been building, and information has slowly but surely been filtering through about the game. Now, with the release of the game not too far away, everyone’s wondering what the main cast of Final Fantasy 13 characters will be.

The game’s main character is called ‘Lightning’, and is a female soldier, once of the ‘Cocoon army’. She has red hair, and is quite the tom-boy. Lightning has elements of past Final Fantasy characters about her, as he main weapon is a cross between a sword and a gun (similar to Squall’s Gunblade in FF8), and she is supposedly the game’s female answer to Cloud Strife (from FF7). She, like Cloud, has a dark, mysterious past, and it is known that she was an orphan from an early age.

Vanille is another of the Final Fantasy 13 characters, and she originally starts out on the opposite side to Lightning; as a rebel who fights against the Cocoon army. She is another female character, who lives in a town called Pulse after being forced out of Cocoon. After the events at the start of the game, she joins up with Lightning and a team is formed.

The third main character in that team is called Snow. Snow is the direct opposite to the small, thin female characters previously mentioned, as he is a huge man, who uses brute force more often than not. Snow is undoubtedly the coolest character in the game, as he can be seen in the trailer riding a motorbike.