On the Bandwagon Or Not? Social Media When It’s Not Necessarily the Right Thing

With all of the changes happening the social media landscape and everyone trying hard to find how they fit within this landscape, have you started to wonder when enough is enough?

I love the connecting aspect of social media, I love the idea that I can connect with people I otherwise would never have the opportunity to connect but as the major players (yes, I talking about you Facebook!) make their adjustments to function in new ways and of course to make money, I’m beginning to wonder when this idea of social media might just make some abrupt turn.

No I don’t think it’s going to go away, in the fast moving internet world I can’t see that happening. A�How many stories have you heard where Twitter has helped someone in someway, but do you think that maybe it just might be trying to right itself and figure out how theA�phenomenonA�fits within the global landscape?

What does this mean for you the average business owner trying to figure it all out? A�This I can say for sure, one thing has never changed. A�Remain focused on who your audience is and learn how they like to communicate and then join them. A�If your audience doesn’t use Facebook, don’t feel you need to have a Facebook Page. A�If your audience are huge Twitter fans and are always busy updating the world in 140 characters or less, then by all means connect with them. A�Maybe they like to spend their time reading eBooks, then get out there and write some eBooks to share with them (make it a combination of free and paid). A�Or maybe, just maybe they like to connect face to face, if so get out of your chair find the networking groups that they hangout at and get out there.

What I’m trying to share here, is that just because huge right now doesn’t mean it’s something you need to do. A�You should know your audience best and because of that you should know how to connect with them best. A�Remember you are in business for them, so make sure you’re making your audience and community happy.