Laws of Attraction and Social Media Networking – Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing Takes Over

The original goal of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube was to share information and keep up with friends. Facebook was actually created for College students to stay connected. As you know by now these Social Sites have taken on a life of their own and are no longer just for college kids. The Internet Marketer has been able to leverage these sites as marketing vehicles. As this occurred not only has it changed the landscape of marketing but something amazing started to happen.

No longer are people just empty links and email addresses. They have become business partners, friends, and even investors in some cases. The reason for such success and the change in the marketing world is Attraction Marketing.

Attraction Marketing is the ability to use the Laws of Attraction to bring people into your fold. By nature when you will attract like minded people and partners while using the above social sites. People will be attracted to your post, comments and tweets and the more you practice this type of marketing the more people who are like minded will be attracted to you.

How does Attraction Marketing Work

Its really simple because you don’t actually have to do anything. Attraction marketing works just like the Law of Attraction. What you focus on and think about most is what is brought back to you. Below are some tips on how to use Attraction Marketing to your benefit.

1. Make Post and Tweets every day about something you would want to read about. This is important because the people who comment and respond are clear indicators they think like you do. Thus will be attracted to what you have to say and more willing to become clients or business partners.

2. Every day go through Facebook and Join groups of your interest and make comments. The reason for this is if you like a certain group and you have 100 people in this group well then you now have 100 new friends. Friends that are attracted to the same types of things you like. This is where the Relationship building comes into play, people who join groups of a certain type like hearing about whatever that group is about. Thus you are attracted to the other members post and they are attracted to yours.

3. Make Friends every day on one of the social media sites. YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are the leaders in this industry. I suggest you stick with them when using attraction marketing and building relationships. The great part about this is if your friends with someone on Facebook chances are if they are like you they will have YouTube accounts and Twitter accounts as well. Like attracts like and this is a great way to build your list and your friend count. The more friends you have the more you are likely to build a client base of like minded people.

This type of marketing builds something more important than money – It builds fans. Fans that are willing to syndicate your articles, your blog post, your affiliate link of the month etc. Attraction Marketing is taking over the internet marketing world and those who are using the law of attraction in this manner are benefiting beyond their wildest dreams.