ITX Gaming PC – Don’t Let The Size Fool You

They say big things come in small packages. So get ready for some big things from an ITX gaming PC. So much power packed into a tiny box it will blow you away. These boxes are sometimes referred to as Mini-ITX PCs as well but they are usually one in the same. The ITX PC will give you amazing performance at your next LAN party, all from a small footprint. Let them laugh when they see it but when you start playing and blowing them away they will start whining and crying.

These little rigs are all about 4 inches wide by 10 inches tall by 12 inches deep. When they are properly designed with the right pieces and parts, they will easily outperform other LAN rigs. But caution is needed to make sure you buy it from a very good supplier. It is very easy to botch the design and end up with an ITX rig that will cook you dinner. These rigs are tight inside and need a good engineer to design and build them. No room for error in these boxes. Leave it to a professional.

But can these ITX PCs play the more complex games? Can they run the more intense graphic cards? Oh yea, you can bet on it! But again caution. Like I said above, these things are tight, they produce a lot of heat and you just can’t throw just any desktop part in them. Do something wrong to hinder air flow and watch it melt. Stick to a supplier who knows what they are doing. But for the size of these little rigs they will run any software a desktop can. The ITX can utilize the latest processors also. The pricing is usually very competitive depending what options you go with. Most ITX models allow for some very cool custom graphics on the outside of the box. But this will vary with the supplier. In terms of cool graphics on any PC, if the sides are metal versus plastic, you will be able to get much cooler, high def graphics on metal than plastic, just a word to the wise.

Mini-ITXs or ITX gaming PCs are starting to pop in the gaming PC market. The power and pricing is very enticing to the mid to high end gamer, so much power in such a small mobile box. Put it under your arm and bring it to your next LAN party and let the envy begin. People will snicker at first but when they see these babies blowing away their super cool, super deluxe brand X out of the water, they will need a life jacket. Throw them one if you want but not necessary. Check out these ITX rigs from a good supplier, you will be surprised.