Education has been referred to as the key to a successful life since time immemorial. Every government in the world advocates having an educated population. Literate people steer the economy to grow, which in turn improves the standard of living.

Getting a job becomes easier when you have some sort of education, like a diploma or a degree. Crime levels also decrease significantly in countries where the population is educated. The coronavirus has had devastating effects the world over.

Many sectors in the world have been affected like the economy, farming, entertainment, transport, travel and education. The pandemic has caused education disruption and closure of educational institutions. In this post, you will see how this pandemic has affected the education sector and the future of education post coronavirus.

· Job losses

People have been applying for unemployment through their governments. They need to be taken care of by the government by receiving stimulus packages during this pandemic.

Unfortunately, teachers have not been spared and are by far the most affected by this pandemic. For private school teachers, the situation is even worse. Closure of schools has led to the tough decision of reducing school staff, and only the lucky few are spared to conduct online classes.

· A decline in the quality of education.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Closure of schools has led to creative ways on how to continue learning through e-learning platforms. Most schools have come with online websites to facilitate online learning. This is a big good step, but at the moment, it is not as sufficient as a one to one learning in the classroom.

Some schools even learn through video calls such as zoom and skype, but the major challenge is how to track a student learning curve. The is no supervision and slow learners are heavily affected. Also, if you have a poor internet connection, lack of power or no device at all, you will have to miss that class.

· Mental stress and depression.

We are social beings, and we need that human interaction. Staying at home is only fun during the first few days. After a few weeks, the stress starts building up because you can no longer interact with your friends or participate in social events such as P.E, drama clubs and sports activities. There are even cases of home-based violence.

· Idle resources.

Closure of learning institutions has led to having idle resources laying around at schools. Schools, buses, computers, library, dormitories and buildings are no longer in use, and this is lost revenue. If you would like to know how to spy on someone’s phone mspy is the app to install.

· A decrease in school fees.

As much as there are people who might consider this as a positive effect, it is not. Online learning has led to parents and learners demanding a reduction in the amount of money they pay for normal school learning.

The argument is that they are not using school resources as before such as eating food, school buses, dormitories and the quality of education has reduced significantly.


We will defeat this menace, but life will not return to the normal we were used to. The pandemic will lead to changes in how we learn, and online learning will become better and more popular in the near future.