How To Use Your Facebook Account To Make Money

How To Make Money With Facebook

If you use social media you might be under the misunderstanding that you can’t really do much “business” on Facebook. That just means you haven’t been exposed to the now famous fan page.

You are correct in thinking that Facebook has rules about not selling on your main profile page, but all the rules change when we start talking about your fan page. You might also hear these pages referred to as business pages, or a few other terms, but now, they’re all typically just referred to as fan pages.

So, the big advantage of having a fan page is that you can do a lot of things you aren’t allowed to do on your profile page. First, you can actually sell your products and services on your fan page if you chose to do so and Facebook is 100% perfectly OK with you doing it. (Don’t try this on your profile page; you will get shut down).

Another big advantage of having a fan page is that the search engines like Facebook pages and people may, in fact, be able to find you through a search engine, and join your fan page. Using good key words and key words phrases in your posts and in the other information you have on your fan page will also help the search engines.

You also have the ability to have an opt-in box on your fan page, so people can opt-in to your free offer and then get on your main list where you now have the ability to market to them in additional ways besides just on Facebook, or the other your other social media platforms you’re using.

Another neat thing about fan pages is that you can actually set pages other than the main info page as the “home page”. So, instead of potential followers just ending up on your main wall page of your fan page, you can program your fan page to take them to an introduction page, or an opt-in page – which is what we recommend you do. Another good way to use this feature is if you have a special event or something going on that you’re promoting this would be a good place to do that as well.

So, how does all that translate into dollars for you?

By being able to sell directly on your fan page, that brings in money (that one was more obvious than some of the other ways). The use of opt-in boxes and the key word density issue really now comes down to the key to making money with any social media and that’s that because you have moved them from social media to your main list, you have the ability to market to them via email, direct mail, and whatever other media you might be using. And, if you integrate that marketing with your social media posts, the effects you have on your clients and prospects is expanded, increasing the chance of them spending money with you is.

As a final reminder, it’s important for you to remember that one is always the worst number in business and marketing so never use only one media in your business. Things change rapidly in today’s world and when those changes happen, you don’t want to be caught unprepared. (If you don’t think this applies to your business, think about what happened to people who only used fax or the phone as the way they sold and prospected when those rules changed).