We cannot deny that with the development of technology, many things around us use computer programs. You can see this computer program embedded in smartphones, cars and others.

As time goes by, of course, we need new programs that make life easier for humans as much as possible. Therefore, many programmers are creative and innovate to create the newest programs that will be useful for humans.

Being a programmer who is proficient in creating useful and profitable computer programs is not easy. There are many learning processes and practices that must be passed in order to become a reliable programmer.

One of the things that a programmer must master if he wants to be able to create useful computer programs is to master a programming language. Programming languages ​​such as Java, JavaScript, PHP and so on.

Without mastering programming languages ​​it is impossible for you to create computer programs that are useful to many people. Learning these things certainly takes a long time and costs a lot of money. You should try this application OneLaunch

But don’t worry, in this article you will learn how to make the simplest and easiest computer program. After reading this article you will know how to develop your idea into a useful computer program and then test it and then release it so that it can be used by many people.

Get ideas, design them and start simple

How to make a computer program you can start by looking for a good idea as well as high potential benefits. The point is that besides being good, the computer program that you will make later must be useful for many people.

A good and useful program will make it easier for people who use it. You can also look for inspiration from existing programs that you have used. Then you notice, is there anything you can do to make the program better?

Then you can also look for ideas from the daily activities that people do. From there you can think about a program that should be made to make it easier for people to carry out their activities.

So, after you have thought about the thousands of ideas that pop up in your mind, don’t forget to write them down. No matter how silly you have to write. Sometimes it is from this ridiculous thing that an extraordinary computer program is created.

You should know that a successful computer program is a computer program that is useful and makes life easier for its users. So try the ideas that you put forth will be useful for the lives of many people.

Now after you look for ideas or inspiration for computer programs that you will create and write them down, then you choose an idea. Choose the one that is most useful to users and they like. If you have made your choice, then you can start designing the computer program.

The purpose of the design here is an overview of the features and facilities that you provide on the computer program. So, if you have finished designing the program, then it will be easier for you. Later when in the development process you will always refer to this general design that you create.

This is important so that your computer program projects are always on the right track. Without making an overview design later you will be confused in the middle of the road. This can delay the completion of your computer program.

In addition, making a program design will also help you in determining the programming language that you will use. Because there are many kinds of programming languages ​​that have different functions from each other.

The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to start a big project right away. You can start with light projects first, especially if you are a beginner. If you immediately start a large and difficult project, it may never be finished.

From small-scale projects you also have more time to learn to sharpen your skills. With this light target you can also learn many things and more importantly the experiences that you will get.

Learn programming languages

The next way to make a computer program is to learn a programming language. As we mentioned earlier, that to create a computer program you must master the programming language used in the program.

Furthermore, you should know that a program is created and developed through a coding process. So if you want to make a computer program you must at least master one programming language. Well the good news, you don’t have to master all programming languages.

You can adjust the programming language that you must and need to master according to the type of program you are going to make. This is indeed every programming language has a function that is completely different from one another.

The following is a list of programming languages ​​that are popular and often used in the most recent computer programs. From this list you can know which programming language you are going to learn.