How the Video Card in the Sager NP8850 Gaming Laptop Works

When you need a video card for your Sager NP8885 gaming laptop you need 3D graphics acceleration. This is, of course, assuming that most of your game playing isn’t going to be done with game such as Farmville, Tetris, and solitaire which will work just fine with any type of video card and don’t need any 3D acceleration. If you don’t care about all the features to enhance every detail or about running the game as fast as is possible or only play 3D games every once in a while, then this is the type of video card that you want.

These types of video cards need to fully support the DirectX 10 graphics standard and have a minimum of 512 Megabyte of video. Although most games are backwards compatible with Direct X 10 which will work correctly with Windows Vista or Windows 7, Windows 7 now offers support of Direct X 11 but this is still in the very early stages. The users of Windows XP still have to use the features of Direct X 9.

It isn’t as good to have a card that is integrated as it is to have even an inexpensive, basic card. The more games that you want to play, the more expensive the card that you need will be. In order to play the modern 3D games on your machine you are going to need a decent graphics card, and that could be quite expensive. It is important to remember the detail that these types of cards are available with different amounts of memory. Random access memory (RAM) is a part of the card, and it will help to speed up the entire rendering process. The more RAM that you have on your card, the faster your graphic application, such as games will run.

For instance, if you have a machine that has a card with 512 Megabytes of RAM and playing a game. If your machine only had a card with 128 Megabytes of RAM or even 256 Megabytes of RAM, and you were playing the same game, the video in your game would lag and not be as smooth. The actions in the game would probably jerk around.

If you have these problems while you are playing a game you need to turn down some of the video game’s settings and lower the resolution. If you are continuing to experience these problems, you probably have a video card that can’t handle that game. If you want to play that game without these problems, you will have to buy a new one.