How Can Facebook Increase Your Business?

While Facebook is designed to facilitate person-to-person interaction, the network has added a stable of effective tools to promote more professional-to-professional interaction. These features include the ability to set up topic specific membership clusters by creating “Groups Pages”. In addition, Facebook offers the ability to set-up corporate / company / brand pages referred to as “Fan Pages”. These pages offer businesses and organizations the ability to add custom static html pages allowing for custom branding directly on Facebook’s site. The “Event Pages” feature is another fantastic tool which offers the ability to rsvp, post event pictures, and read comments from participants, both before and after the event.

The foundation of your company’s social networking strategy should be the development and launch of a bespoke Facebook “Fan Page” for your business and each of its signature programs. The primary goal of this network of pages is to create visibility and increase awareness for your business by establishing a fully integrated, presence and each of your signature products. This network of Fan Pages should be fully interconnected and form part of your firm’s comprehensive Facebook network. Keep in mind that each page within the network has it’s own clearly identified goals and objectives and each includes features that help accomplish those goals and objectives.

Facebook offers a wide variety of social networking features such as the ability to set up individual networks of friends and colleagues, share photos, videos, music, and links to sites of common interest. In addition, a key feature of the Facebook platform is the ability to post personal status updates to inform friends and colleagues about what’s going on in your personal or professional life at any given moment. The same principles should be applied to utilizing facebook’s vast marketing network to promote your company and products.

There are also lots of great tutorials and easy to use step-by-step social marketing guides that can help you dive into the world of marketing your business on Facebook. The Social Media Mogul blog often reviews some of the best offerings and provides useful information to make your task easier. Do your research and get familiar with this century’s most important social marketing and communication tool available, Facebook.