Gaming Notebook – Knowing the Pros and Cons of a Gaming Laptop and Gaming Desktop

If you go to a computer shop, you will notice that there are now selling gaming notebook from various brands like Dell, HP and so on. For a person who loves gaming, he may feel that laptops are not meant for playing games. Desktop computers are considered to be very powerful for playing games. However, the recent laptops that are mainly designed for enjoying high-end games seem to be equally efficient.

Let us study the pros and cons of gaming notebook and desktop computer and try to find out which one is better:


1. It is a portable device. You can carry it wherever you want. You can take it to your college, to your pal’s house, etc.

2. Since it runs on battery and can connect to the web wirelessly, you are free from the hassles of cables

3. Before you purchase the device, you can customize it by asking for the processor, RAM amount, and video card of your choice.


1. At the price of a gaming laptop, you will be able to purchase even more powerful desktop PC for playing games.

2. Because of its size, laptops tend to get heated up quickly. Some systems get so hot that you will not able to place it on your lap.

3. Size of the keyboard is also a matter of concern. Desktops give you full sized keyboard, however on laptops you are restricted to small sized one.

When you compare the pros and cons, you may think that desktops have slight advantage. However, problems like heating and keyboard size among laptops can be solved easily. With practice you will be type quickly and for playing games, you can make use of a gamepad. As far as heating is concerned, you can connect a USB cooling fan. Also keep in mind that all laptops do not get heated quickly. As far as price is concerned, you can customize the laptop according to your needs and purchase a system that best fits your buck.

In order to promote, gaming notebook, many retailers also give away many freebies like gamepad, USB pen drives, free games and software. The best thing such kind of laptops brings to you is the power mobile gaming. You can be at a coffee shop or at your friend’s place and start gaming wherever you want.