Acer Predator G5 Gaming PC Review

Acer Predator G5 gaming PC is one if not the industry leading top gaming PC out there. The G7 might have all the nitty gritty performance extras as would with any high end system but the G5 comes with some impressive features and a drop dead look. The G5 with its overall black look with some orange trimming makes it quit an attractive PC. A handle is fitted at the back of the case and a carefully placed sloping top. When you pop, open the DVD drive you are greeted by two Predator like mandibles. However, the mandibles seem to be too much of plastic and pose the question of their long-term durability.

So how is the hot swapping on the G5? Located at the bottom front fascia of the G5 is a panel that opens to let you access two hot swappable hard drive cages. A lever is available to allow you the ease of access to these cages and you can place your 3.5-inch hard disk that you can secure using tiny mounting studs. Fitting your new hard drive in there will not be much of a problem… more on that some other time.

The G5 for its size packs in some impressive performance attributes. If you are to set the resolution to its maximum of 1920?�1080 with most games today it will deliver as promised. I recently tested out Cyrsis since I was having heavy lagging issues on my other PC. The G5 with high graphic settings together with 8x anti-aliasing it performed pretty good with frames averaging from 39fps and if I have the resolution reduced and in game settings lowered I get frames as high as 59fps. I intend on carrying out more performance tests and see how this G5 handles but so far, I am impressed.

One of the great things about the G5 is that it makes little or no noise when you are throwing all your system demanding games at it. When you consider purchasing the G5 know that it does not come with a monitor. Now for a quick breakdown on other features you will get on the G5: a multi-format memory card reader along side a 1TB Hitachi hard disk. It gives you connectivity options, with a gigabit Ethernet, VGA, DVI, an HDMI port and incredible choice of 10 USB 2.0 ports. However, they fell short by not including a USB 3.0. It is shipped in with a clean installation of Windows Home 7 Premium not to forget a basic budget mouse and keyboard are bundled with the base unit.