Are You Ready For the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720?

Many of the folks are eying the launch of PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 sometime around end of next year (or probably even before that), but apparently Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein has different opinion about it.

Mark explained that the capabilities of the current version of X-Box 360 and PS3 are far beyond the ordinary gaming consoles. They are HD ready and now too many people are ready to enter the HD era yet.

Of course, there are those occasional gaming freaks, who’re not bothered to pay whatever it takes to get their hands on the very best in the gaming arena, but not everyone can afford to do the same. After all, majority of the gamers who’ve played Gears of War 2 haven’t been able to enjoy in truly on the HDTVs.

So, this simply means that the PS3 and X-Box 360 still have got loads of surprises under their hood and the gamers are not yet ready to enter the HD era and exploit the other resources, which will cost a fortune now.

Apparently, Microsoft has also given an update last week stating that the project

Natal will be the next big thing on their agenda and Mark believes that’s the name of the next generation X-Box gaming console. However, he strongly believes that neither the PS4 nor project Natal will be on offer at least for next 4-5years.

Furthermore, Mark justified that the development of PS4 and next gen X-Box (whatever MS calls it) will cost a lot to the company and it will be very difficult for them to actually survive with the heavy development cost of the next gen gaming consoles and still selling them at a meagre price.

What’s more, Wii, X-Box 360 as well as PS3 are ready for many more firmware updates, which will improve their media centric capabilities to a great extent. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to capitalize on the existing capabilities of these gaming consoles to the fullest and then think about the launch of their next generation.

As per Mark’s opinion, PS4 might be 7-8years away from release, despite the fact that PS3 isn’t doing too good in the market. Apparently, Sony is confident enough to improvise on PS3 and top the gaming arena once again. So, for now, let’s wait and watch the show.