7 Proven Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn Social Influence

With 85+ million users and a new member every second, LinkedIn brags its status as the number one social networking destination for business professionals.

In order to maximize your LinkedIn social influence, let’s discuss 7 proven ways to help you out.

1. Share Your Blog Content on LinkedIn

WordPress LinkedIn, Blog Link, alongside other applications enable you to share your blog content with your LinkedIn network. More and more social sharing tools are being created every day to make viral content marketing drop dead simple and certainly LinkedIn is no exception.

2. Leverage Direct Ads Campaigns

LinkedIn simplifies targeted advertising by allowing you to reach networks based on location, industry, gender, age, you name it! LinkedIn Ads are similar to Google AdSense as they are the PPC (pay-per-click) type and you can stop them anytime you wish. You can choose between banner, text hyperlink, or media box Ads. (LinkedIn also supports CPI, cost-per-impression. Ads).

3. Promote Your Business Events

Thanks to LinkedIn Events application, you can promote your business events and browse the events of others. LinkedIn allows you to share your events with your network. You still can share them with external LinkedIn users via paid advertising. (You may follow “LinkedInEvents” on Twitter to keep with up with the latest events)

4. Follow Your Competition

LinkedIn Company follow feature allows you to keep an eye on events taking place on any business of interest, including your key competition.

5. Go For LinkedIn third-party Applications

Based on my most recent readings, you have 19 LinkedIn applications to choose from in order to enrich your profile. For example, amazon offers a reading list application (the blog link application discussed in point 1 is another example). My personal prediction is that many more applications will be developed on the near future! Why not? LinkedIn is Hot!

6. Showcase Your Products on Company Pages

“Company Pages” is an enhancement to LinkedIn company profiles. Thanks to this valuable feature, you can now showcase more information about your business, including products and services. You are also allowed to embed one YouTube video for every product/service. Currently, almost 20,000 companies are using company pages. Once your product is recommended by a LinkedIn user, his/her recommendation can be shared with his/her entire network. That’s viral marketing in action!

7. Check Out Your Network Statistics

LinkedIn network statistics feature allows you to track the number of new users you can reach through your existing connections. With every new connection you make, your potential users outreach will grow depending on the size of the new user’s network.

As you can see, LinkedIn still maintains its reputation as the number one place-to-be for business professionals and it’s constantly evolving to help you maximize your visibility and social influence. Way to go, LinkedIn!