Worldwide Salon Marketing: Low To No Cost Plan

Low To No Cost Worldwide Salon Marketing Plan

To have a low to no cost marketing plan you need an ultimate worldwide salon marketing plan to guide your everyday hair salon business journey. This guide gives salon owners the proven marketing tools, strategies and coaching guides to double and convert prospective clients.

Having a know how about the business and getting to know prospective clients will also give you a head start on how to deal with customers. You also need to study your competitors – There is a lot to learn from your fellow salon owners.

Determining your target market needs and wants will assist you with creating a marketing plan that is effective. Typically a hair salon business will likely have a majority of women as customers. Perhaps taking the time to study the psychology of women will help you deal with them more effectively so that you maximize your earning power. Women can be very complicated beings (I should know since I am woman). Studying their various wants and needs will definitely help you when it comes to marketing and providing excellent service.

A Structured Marketing Plan

Creating event programs is definitely a bright idea and low to no cost marketing plan solution. Events related to your industry as well as events related to the trends of the world need to be included in your online worldwide salon marketing strategy. However, researching the different exciting events that you think your prospective clients will love will help you better understand more about customer service and customer needs and wants. Recognizing and implementing this as a business process will allow you to give better service and a leg up on the competition.

When researching your events check to see when some of your big advertisers start promoting. This will give you an idea of when you should create and air your YouTube videos and create blog content around the event. Your marketing plan should promote or highlight the current trend – Doing this will also allow you to capitalize on a larger audience and search trends.

Here are examples of possible events you need to have on your marketing calendar to promote on your website to attract more prospective clients.

hair shows for consumers

bridal events

fashion week

summer events

awards show

Marketing your salon through video is a hands down necessity. Some people are visual and love to view videos more than reading contents.

Because this is a low to no cost marketing plan I suggest you create your own professional online salon marketing videos yourself. Make sure you upload your marketing videos before the actual event.

The pre-buzz is just as important as the actual event. Depending on your programmed event for that month you may need to have your online salon video created a week, three weeks or a month in advance.

Creating a worldwide salon marketing plan includes providing excellent customer service which is relatively easy as far as salons are concerned. You just have to remember that people go into salons to relax and to make themselves look and feel good. As long as you are doing your part to help them achieve their beauty goals, then you are basically good to go.