Why Social Media Privacy Is Imperative for Children

A lot has been said for social media privacy for adults. However, the most important social media privacy that a person can get is the privacy they can get for their children. This is because children cannot defend themselves as well as a grown adult can in their use of social networking. Therefore, it should be the focus of the parent to keep their children as safe as possible when using the social networks because there are those people who want to prey on children and their innocence.

The systems that exist do not protect children well at all. This is because the systems are made to share as much information as possible until they are told not to share that information anymore. This goes for people, businesses, and children. Most social networking systems discourage children from using their platforms but they do not do a great job keeping them out of the systems.

The truth is that any child that wants to use these systems can easily circumvent the systems that the social networks have put in place to keep them out. It would be very labor intensive and problematic to find a way to discern who the real users of the system are and those who are children. Therefore, it does not make much sense for the networks to try and discern who is a child and who is not. It would cost too much for them to develop a system that could do this and it would require that the users themselves prove their age through an official identification card.

Not only would this be difficult for the social media systems. It would also be difficult for the users as well. The users are less likely to use the system if required to provide some documentation in order to use the system. The truth about humans is that every human is interested in taking the path to least resistance. This means that any obstruction in the way of getting to a goal will cause some people not to use the system at all. This would be a massive blow for the social media systems because they depend on these people and the information to generate revenue for the business. Any business that does not generate revenue does not stay open very long. Therefore, social media systems will not take changes to their systems unless they are forced to make those changes.

In conclusion, the most important social media privacy that a parent can provide is the social media privacy they can provide their children. There is no secret that the Internet is full of people who want to abuse the privacy rights of children and it is imperative that a parent make sure that their child social media activities are safe. The social media systems can be very useful for adults and children to keep in touch with family and friends. However, it is important to note that the social media systems also become very dangerous when not managed correctly.