You need to find alternative strategies to get qualified traffic to your listings as Amazon grows more competitive and sponsored ad prices climb. Though don’t anticipate mountains of organic traffic, more traffic equals more sales. By running advertisements outside of Amazon, you should actively look for new customers rather than relying on them to discover your products on Amazon on their own. If your listings are fully optimized and have a respectable conversion rate already, we advise that you start right away. You can direct visitors to your Amazon storefront—which is devoid of adverts for your rivals’ listings—by driving outside traffic rather than depending on sponsored ads within Amazon search results through amazon attribution.

  • Your best-seller ranking

Again, if your Amazon listings have a respectable and reliable conversion rate, your overall sales will probably rise along with an increase in visitors. The more sales you generate, the higher your product will rank in Amazon’s A9 algorithm, which determines how products are ranked inside search results.

  • Boost your keyword positions

Listings that bring in visitors from outside Amazon appear to be preferred by Amazon. Therefore, you may anticipate that your organic keyword rankings would rise as well, provided that the traffic your external ads drive to Amazon likewise increases conversions.

  • Obtain more details regarding your clients.

You’ll learn important information about the shopping habits and locations of your clients using Amazon Attribution. You can now learn how the other half of consumers explores the products you’re selling since we already know that more than 50% of shoppers begin their product searches on Amazon.

  • Earn a bonus of up to 10% for referrals.

You can apply the incentive as credit against your referral fees. Amazon will identify sales that qualify for referral benefits using Amazon Attribution, and bonuses will be credited to your account two months after the sale is made. Brands will save money on referral fees thanks to this scheme, which will hasten the expansion of your off-Amazon marketing initiatives. Depending on whatever product category your product belongs to, you will receive a bonus. Visit the Brand Referral Bonus program support page to discover your anticipated referral bonus rate or to learn more about the Bonus program.

How to setup Amazon Attribution tags?

Go to Amazon Attribution after logging onto your Amazon Advertising interface. A tutorial on how to put up the attribution tag is also available on Amazon.

  • To start a new campaign you need to click on start campaign.
  • Select a creation strategy. You have the choice of manually creating a new campaign or automatically creating plenty of tags.
  • The next step in manually creating a campaign is giving it a name and selecting the product.
  • You should now make a fresh ad group. You will give your ad group a name, select an advertiser (you have a lot of options here, such Facebook or Google Ads), and channel.
  • Now your attribution tag is ready. To ensure that Attribution can accurately assess the effectiveness of your ads, use the attribution link that Amazon offers in your ads.


Final thoughts

Why put off gaining insightful knowledge about your consumers’ purchasing patterns? Vendors and brand-registered merchants on the North American and European Amazon marketplaces are presently free to use Amazon Attribution and earn high profits.