Which Parts Do You Need For Your Gaming PC Desktop?

A lot of portable gaming devices are out in the market. Though these gadgets captured the eyes and interest of many consumers, gaming PC desktop remains incomparable. However, it isn’t easy to find the computer parts and desktop computer packages that don’t cost too much yet provides better performance. Gaming computer reviews are not very useful to those who want this gadget but are closely watching their pockets. These reviews only focus on the computer’s core system and the best yet expensive desktop here’s a list of computer parts that plays well.


There are series of processors that provide complete gaming experience. The Intel core series are highly recommended as their desktop processor has huge improvement when it comes to performance.


The 8 GB memory is the best because it runs perfectly with windows 7 gaming desktops. But make sure that the memory card you will get is worth investing and has powerful performance. There are cheap ones all over the market which are nothing but wastes.

Video Card

Radeon HD 5670 and Alienware graphics cards are the best. For about $100 you can grab yourself a brand new processor. This kind of graphics processor has amazing performance. A competent graphics card will produce better life-like images.

Mouse and Keyboard

You don’t need to buy expensive computer mouse and keyboard. Cheap accessories like this can bring better overall feel. You just need to look for something that will look good with your gaming PC desktop and something that gives comfortable feeling.

Operating System

XP computers are good but Windows 7 is better. It supports all the current and best features of both software and hardware. You can enjoy Windows 7 gaming desktop when combined with a 8GB memory.

Headsets and Speakers

Most people prefer to use the headsets but there are still some who are more comfortable with speakers. For gamers who want speaker, look for the 2.1 set.


An affordable monitor with good screen size and better resolution will almost complete the gaming PC desktop you are building. There are still missing computer parts. These cheap parts with great value and performance can be easily found.

A Gaming computer is still better than any other console. It can provide perfect and detailed graphics and can process a powerful amount of data while playing. They also come with several ports where you can hookup your headset, steering wheel, microphone, joysticks and the likes. A gamer likes it as well because a gaming PC desktop has all the components he needs for better gaming experience.