What to Blog About on Your Business Blog!

When coaching some of my social media business clients, after convincing them why one should blog, they often ask,

“So what should I blog about”?

So I present them with a long list. I am going to share my list with you in the hopes that it will inspire you to make a list of things you could blog about for your business.

An application or new software that you discovered

A risk you took

A book you read

An interview

Something that is right in your niche or area of interest

Something that is wrong or could use a fix

A cause

Your favorite Charity

The scariest thing that ever happened to you

You most embarrassing moment

Rants and raves

About your mentor

About your student

Debunk a myth

Guest posts

Have someone interview you

Interview someone else

Create a collaboration post

Ask questions or do a survey

Post a video and put some comments

Review someone else’s post

Interview yourself on a topic.

Recap a past event.

Recap the results of a research report someone else published.

Report on a conference you attended.

Reveal background information on something you do to make your organization successful.

Share really cool work you or someone in your organization has done.

Share the results of some research your organization has done.

Summarize what you know about a topic.

Write about things that you know that others might not realize.

Write about what you do in your business to serve customers.

Feature Experts

Answer Frequently Asked Questions from your clients

Present a Case Study of a Successful Client (with permission)

Post a funny comic or video

This is a short list. Really, it is! I would love to hear if you would add any topics to this list.

Of course, a social media manager can help you get started with your business blog, in these ways:

Get your WordPress blog setup

Help you come up with a calendar of content

Help you regularly post and optimize your content.

Help you brainstorm client relevant topics

Select search engine friendly words

Submit your posts to social media sites

Submit your posts to article sites like this one!

Hyperlink your content to relevant other posts on your site, and to relevant websites and blog posts by other authors.

Find video and pictures that are relevant to your readers.

So get out there and start blogging! Your Business will thank you!