What Do People Like To Customise?

In the consumer driven society we live in, our possessions have become more than just things we use to do stuff. They have become extensions of our beings, additions to our personalities and in the case of some people, objects that define us. While it can go too far for some people, for most it is all just a bit of harmless fun that allows us to enjoy using these everyday objects that little bit more.

Mobile Phone

Before smartphones hit the market the most could do to your phone was to have a slightly different electronic ringing tone and change your cover to one of a slightly different colour. While this was extremely popular at the time, now the options are far more extensive. At a base level you can choose what operating system you want your phone to run on giving you a range of different interface styles. You can have any song known to man as your ring tone and you can set your desktop to any image. Changing covers however; seem to have become less popular as many smartphones need to be more solid so no longer give you that as option.


With shows like ‘Pimp My Ride’ very popular on television the number of people customising their vehicles has greatly increased. Everyone from your friendly neighbourhood boy racer to your Aston Martin driving executive has caught the bug with alloy wheels amongst the most popular customisations.


There have always been ways to customise homes since houses were invented. Extensions adding extra rooms, conservatories adding new light filled annexes and garages for your newly ‘pimped’ car are all common sites in our streets and estates. Also, homeowners who may have found themselves stuck in their current location thanks to the credit crunch and the mortgage dip are increasingly turning to home improvements to increase their house value while they wait for the market to improve.


Any computer games enthusiast worth his salt will have a custom built PC. While console gaming is ever popular, a good custom gaming PC will always outperform it for speed and gaming power. Plus you can endlessly upgrade your PC as new hardware is released, while every console will eventually be obsolete.


Since the dawn of time people have been customising their bodies using tattoos and piercings. This is still extremely popular today and getting more so as it becomes more accepted in the mainstream with celebrities now regularly seen sporting new body decorations.