Video Marketing and Link Building Tools to Help Your Business Grow

Doing video marketing, which is by promoting products and services through short, appealing and informative video clips, and obtaining inbound links to your site are among the most significant areas of successful SEO (search engine optimization) process. Link building tools could make your life a lot easier when you are trying to construct your website to really make it advantageous in the attention of the search engines. Each and every tool offers distinct value but here are a few that can help you out.

Analysis tools let you know how many links point to a specific site or domain and/or which anchor text is being utilized substantially or even too much. These kinds of tools can give you an instant, superficial check at the standing of sites but you will need some others to perform a far more in-depth evaluation.

SearchStatus is a group of features offered in one Firefox plug-in. It can provide you with useful info, such as Google Toolbar PageRank, page- and domain links through the Yahoo SiteExplorer, WhoIs information, Google’s cache of the page you are visiting, an on-page link report and . Another useful technique that SearchStatus provides is the option to highlight all no follow links that can absolutely be convenient when you are link building.

One more of the helpful link building tools is LinkDiagnosis. This is available as a web based tool and a Firefox plug-in. This is identical to the Yahoo SiteExplorer except it attempts to narrow out all poor links, gives you a listing of common anchor texts, and attempts to show you a listing with the most visited and well-known pages of the domain you’re looking into. One particular great feature of LinkDiagnosis is that you could acquire the information it offers you as a csv file…really important. Keep in mind when utilizing this particular tool that an evaluation of a bigger website will require additional time. A small website may just require a few seconds but a more content/page loaded website can take on up to thirty minutes.

If you’d like even more thorough information, you should search for tools that present link building efforts, components and/or a history of the website. This sort of info can help when you’re wanting to optimize your personal site or that of a competitor.

SEOmoz’s Linkscape and MajesticSEO make an effort to produce the most complete catalog possible of the internet for SEO purposes. Linkscape is known as more user-friendly while Majestic gets you a greater array of data which can be downloaded.

Xenu’s Link Sleuth is another excellent tool for on-site analysis. It acts as a internet search engine crawler and checks websites for cracked links and shows a continuously up-to-date list of URLs, which you can separate by different criteria. Link Sleuth is the best way to have a peek at your own website and to assess your internal link structure. And you can run reviews on websites that you are thinking of getting links from to see what holes they may contain in their site that you could probably fill.

There are lots of link building tools to pick from. Ideally these can allow you to get started on the ideal foot.