The Perfect Monitor Setup For Your Gaming PC

In order to have the perfect gaming PC, you need to have all of the parts you want, including the tower, the software, all of the internal hardware, and the monitor or monitors of your choice. There are plenty of brands and sizes to choose from, and ways to mount your ideal monitor setup.

You will want to consider what budget you have for your monitor or monitors. The cheapest monitor available is a 20″ monitor, and getting two of these may be ideal if you want dual monitors but don’t want to pay a fortune. If you have a greater budget, you may think about getting a 24″ or 27″ monitor. Also available are 28″ and 30″ monitors, but 30″ monitors are very costly for the time being.

If you decide to get dual monitors, your best bet would be to buy identical monitors, or two of the same monitor. Two different brands of monitors display things differently. Also, your computer will need to have a video card that supports dual monitors.

The response time will is important for video games because a faster response time helps to avoid ghosting, blurring, and streaking of images. Also ensure that you have adequate memory within your computer to support the features of your monitor and your video games. Even with ideal features and a fast response time for your monitor, you may still experience lag due to inadequate memory.

There are other features you might want to consider for your monitor. Consider the brightness of your monitor, as well as the contrast ratio range. Other monitor features are HDMI input and built-in speakers. A tilt monitor can also be very useful if you want to move it from the standard stationary position.

The final thing to consider will be how you will position your monitor or monitors. With dual monitors, they usually sit side by side. This allows your images to display as if it is one long screen. However, another way that your monitors can be positioned is by mounting them on a wall. Depending on the size of your monitor, this may give the look and feel of playing a video game on a TV. It also gives you options for dual monitors, since they can be mounted vertically or horizontally.