The Most Important PlayStation 3 Yellow Light Repair Tips

In this article you are going to learn the most important PlayStation 3 yellow light repair tips that will help you to get rid of the yellow light of death error on your PS3. This frustrating error affects a reasonably large number of PS3 consoles, but it can be difficult to find the right advice to help you fix it. Keep reading to learn what you need to do in order to repair your PlayStation and get back to gaming again- without the yellow light error getting in the way.

• Sony will repair your PS3 for you and get rid of the YLOD error. All you have to do is call them up, give some details, and then follow their instructions to send your console away. The downsides to doing this is that you will have to wait for more than a month to get your PS3 returned, and if you don’t have a warranty (or your warranty has expired) it will cost you $150 to get the yellow light of death fixed.

• Sometimes you can fix errors on the PlayStation 3 simply by turning your PS3 off, leaving it switched off for around 30 minutes, then restarting it. Try this to fix the YLOD on your PS3. A lot of problems on most electronic devices can be fixed by a simple reboot.

• Remove the HDD (hard drive) from your console, and then carefully re-install it. A lot of problems are caused on the PS3 platform by a loose hard drive connection, so doing this will ensure that the connection is stable. Ensure that you don’t accidentally damage anything in the process. If you can get your hands on a spare hard drive then try installing this as well. In the worst case scenario there is data corruption on your hard drive, so you will have to swap to another one anyway.

• Check that all cables and leads are correctly attached to your PS3. Disconnect everything, then reconnect them all one by one.

• Consider investing in a PlayStation 3 repair guide that uses video instructions to show you how to repair the yellow light problem, as well as any other errors which can affect your PS3. One of these will cost you around $30-$40 USD, and will save you a large amount of fuss and difficulty in the long run, not to mention save you the even larger cost of having Sony repair your PS3.