Social Media Tips – Twitter at a Speed of 140 Characters Per Tweet

Twitter seems to have become the new kid on the block that everyone wants to know. It is being touted as one of the best tools to use for customer communications, developing relationships and creating a mass of followers within your niche.

With today’s economy, entrepreneurs attempting business startups, are finding social media tools and Twitter to be some of the best to use. Besides that, they find that their price is pretty good too. Nothing! What this does for guerrilla marketers and those starting on a shoestring budget is to compete with companies who are much larger and have treasure troves of marketing budget dollars. With so many resources and tools out to be incorporated with Twitter, it has become very easy to keep on top of who is saying what about you and your company.

Working within the Internet marketing and social media industry day in and day out, people are always asking questions as to how they can harness the full power of Twitter.

Research by The Internet Marketing Professor has found that businesses are using Twitter more and more as an effective (and cheap) customers relations tool.

Here are a few tips, techniques and strategies to help you and your business get the most out of the Twittervers:

Upload a photo into your profile page. Your followers and anyone reading your tweets love to see who they are communicating with. Don’t want to use your regular mug shot? Use a business logo instead. However, marketing research has shown that using a professional photo creates a higher following. People like to put a face to the tweet. And that is the cornerstone of social media; building the relationship.

What are you doing now? Let your followers know what is happening with your company, product launches, new hires, and relevant information you think they would enjoy. The important thing is that you post something several times a day. Just keep it within 140 characters.

What is it that you know anyway? I bet you are an expert on something. It may even be what your business is centered around. Let people know. Don’t know what to tweet about? Have your blog posts automatically added to your Twitter feed. Your followers will still feel connected.

Are all of your Bio fields filled? you know all of those little fields you hate to fill out on profile pages? Guess what? This is how people find you. Make sure you have all of the fields completed with as much information as they will allow. Make sure you use keywords related to your business. Add a link to your blog and company website too.

Billed it and they will come! Using the tools Twitter offers, it will check all of your email lists for people who are also Twitter users. This is an easy technique to build your followers list. Once you follow them, more than likely they will follow you.

Advertise your presence. Today, it seems cool to add your Twitter link to your signature line on emails, business cards, blog posts, and anything else that your bio info appears on. Find the insider movers and shakers of your niche who are on Twitter and click the little Follow icon on their page. What better way to know who is doing what, when, where, why, and how.

Do not become a statistic. My name is Dave and I’m a Twitterholic! Watch out because Twitter and social media sites in general can be addictive. You will quickly learn why teenagers spend most of their days texting and chatting online. Instant gratification from online messaging can be highly addictive; mostly if it is someone you do not know and you bond quickly. Everything is good in moderation.