Simple Instructions to Build a Gaming PC

In doing a little research I found that to build a gaming pc was not really as hard as I had thought it was. I was of the mind that all that tech stuff would be way over my head, but I found that it really wasen’t. With the way that hardware companies make components to easily coincide with each other, and the fact that they make this stuff so that it is easy to build; I realized that they made this a simple process much to my surprise. That’s when I decided to create a very simple instruction manual that anyone can use to know what will be needed, and what to do in order for you to build your own.

I see that the only tools that you really need are a screwdriver, a ziplock bag, a tube and a tube of thermal silver, and that’s it! No really, that’s it! After you have these tools the only other two things that are imperative obviously is to know what components you need to build a gaming pc, and how to put it together. Again, once I found out how this was done I was flabbergasted as to the simplicity of it all. Now these are the components that you will need at the least in order to build your extreme gaming pc:

1. a motherboard

2. a CPU (AMD) 2 or 4 core

3. a Graphics card

4. a Sound card

5. RAM (at least 4GB for games – especially required if you have a 64bit system)

6. a Hard Drive

7. SSD – to store your operating system; games; programs for best results

8. a Power Supply

9. An Optical Drive (Blue Ray/DVD Reader)

10. Fans

11. A Case (to mount your computer in)

12. and of course a monitor, keyboard, and a mouse

There are things you can do to make your gaming PC more fancy, explosive, or extreme, but the bottom line is that if you want to build your own gaming pc you can with the components I’ve outlined. Now, you can build it with this simple process:

* Start with your mother board outside the case its easier

* put processor inside socket and secure (do not force) then lock it in

* apply even coat of thermal compound (use ziplock bag to cover your hand)

* install heat sink fan to keep processor cool

* install RAM (in same channel)

* now install entire motherboard into computer case

* install drives and screw in with screwdriver (DVD and Hard Drive)

* install Video Card, or any other cards for computer

* install Power Supply

* connect wiring ( 24 pin and 4 pin connects onto your motherboard)

* connect all fans, video card, DVD, Hard Drive, Power, and Data


At this point you are ready to install your operating system. In the case of extreme gaming PC’s the consensus is that windows 7 is the best operating system to use hands down. Once you install it, then you know know how to build a gaming pc and are ready to start using your extreme gaming pc!