Search Engine Optimization Using Web 2.0

Search Engine Optimization has traditionally been defined as improving a websites rank on the Search Engines.

In recent years the emergence of Web 2.0 has led to significant changes in how a Website / Blog are ranked on the Search Engines.

Also it has no longer remained necessary for a website to rank high on Search Engines to get very high Page Views – a Website ranked high on a Social Media like Digg can get very high Page Views.

How to promote a Website using SEO:




-Themed sites

-Headings and Subheadings

-Length of Posts

-Use of Videos and Photos etc

-Comments / Collaboration

-Avoid Duplicate content


-External Links from other Websites/Blogs

-Links from Blog Networks, Social Bookmarking, Microblogs etc

-Links from Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter

-Internal Links

-Cross Links

-Outbound Links

-Directories and Forums

Other factors include:


-Load Time of Website

-Use of Technology like Pinging

-RSS Feeds

Any Website, Blog or even Directories, Forums can be promoted using a combination of these strategies and it is not necessary to use all these strategies.

For Example a site such as YouTube does not have much content in form of articles and is very slow bulky site but still ranks very high as it is updated continuously.

Similarly I focus on getting Links from Blog Networks for improving rank of a blog/website.

The most important factors for deciding the Rank of a website are the Keywords and the External Links.

Keywords must be used in Headings and it’s not necessary to have articles etc as in the case of Video and Photo sharing sites.

The promotion of a website is similar to Push Marketing and External Links have to be created and this is done by every Webmaster and Blogger irrespective of what they say.

The most effective way of creating these links is by using Web 2.0 like Blog Networks (Eg Digg). There is a misconception among many people who think using Facebook, Twitter etc is sufficient for their Web 2.0 strategy and ignore the more effective means like Blog Networks and Social Bookmarking.

These sites are meant for SEO unlike Facebook which is for making friends.

These sites not only provide direct links and users but also help in improving the rank of the website on Google and other search engines.

The algorithms and rules for using these sites are much more complex than promoting a site on Google and are not even published anywhere.

Non compliance of these rules results in the account being blocked or poor ranking.

I have learned about SEO using Web 2.0 by adopting hit and trial method over a long time period.

The biggest problem with Blog Networks is that they don’t allow a user to promote his content.