Search Engine Marketing: How to Succeed With Your Online Marketing Campaign Management

You can fine tune search engine marketing campaign advertising performance by basing keyword bids on merchandising product data such as profit margin, cost of goods sold, inventory levels, and so forth. That data can provide additional and valuable dimensions beyond the simple sales volumes that often justify a keyword bid. One way businesses are learning more about online marketing is through social media marketing training.

For instance, by importing profit margin data, you would be able to make a data-based decision to bid higher on the keyword “Persian rug” because that product line offers higher margins. You might stop bidding on “doormat” for lack of product inventory. Tracking and adapting keyword bidding to inventory levels helps ensure you’re able to fulfill orders, reduce web site abandonment, and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

As a search advertising practitioner, you should reach out to your merchandising team to procure this data and funnel it into your PPC management solution. As noted earlier, collaboration is a hallmark of successful online marketing, and you may want to talk to other marketing groups about landing pages, too, as we’ll see below.

Ensure Continuity Throughout the Conversion Cycle

Inconsistent messaging across the conversion cycle can cause a customer to abandon your website and convert somewhere else. Search queries, ads and landing pages must match in terms of content and offer. Extraneous or discrepant information on a landing page or unappealing creative can derail the conversion. Search advertisers, however, don’t always own the landing pages. Those pages may have been developed by the merchandising or some another group.

Search advertising practitioners can benefit by reaching out to web page owners and working collaboratively to ensure the pages are optimized for search advertising campaigns. The same exercise can be applied to transaction pages-such as shopping carts-as well. Landing page optimization is likely to enhance your search engine quality score, which helps reduce CPC rates to maintain the same ad position.

Think Outside of the Keyword Box

Basic keyword recommendations come in two flavors- terms popular on search engines, and terms that your competitors bid on. While recommended keywords cannot be ignored, savvy marketers augment them with natural, onsite, and original search queries.

If you are out to generate an increased number of leads and develop an increased online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about integrating social network marketing strategies.

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