Online Marketing Campaign – Plan of Action for Your First Three Months

Creating an online marketing campaign is easy. The hard part is having faith in it. It will take a lot of your time and some of it will be boring. But if you stick with what you do, 6 months down the line you could be laughing all the way to the bank.

Before I go into any internet marketing detail I want to make it clear that the first 3 months is all about taking massive action. It will take time but everything I talk about can be done by anyone, regardless of their web business background.

1) Set up your social sites – Social media marketing has boomed in the last 5 years. Because of sites like Facebook and Twitter you can now connect with thousands of people at the click of a button. You will want to have profiles on all the major social media sites. Once you’ve done this you want to start adding friends. I mean thousands of friends, a minimum of 5,000 for each profile. Remember, to put pictures up and link to your blog (see below).

2) Set up your blog – Creating a blog using a site like WordPress or blogger is easy. Online marketing blogs are very powerful, and are also very good at branding you. Add regular content in the form of videos and articles (see below).

3) Article marketing and video marketing – Find keyword phrases in your niche with low competition and start creating articles and videos on them. Include the keyword phrase in the title and a few times in the body content (you obviously can’t do that in the video). You want to create a minimum of 80 articles 80 videos. Finding content is not hard, just do some research online and take some notes, then regurgitate.

The above is a very basic outline of my online marketing campaign for my first 3 months. There are more aspects to it than just the above. But once you get into it these will come to you.

Don’t give up if you think nothing’s happening. It will come eventually.