The mixdrive series offers separate mixing and control units that ensure the highest level of flexibility. The unit controls the stirring operation and is available in three different formats. Mix control echo is the most cost-effective solution for small and medium stirring, unlike the other formats that incorporate power for large applications.

Mix drive units are of two types with basic temperature formats. They can be applied in various fields such as medical, biotechnical, and chemical industries. Multiple stirrers with external control units are designed for reliable mass screenings and biotechnical applications developed for daily lab use.

Single point stirring drives with external control is designed for applications that involve continuous operations. They are sealed with a stainless steel housing that is easy to clean, offers maximum resistance, and is suitable for carbon dioxide incubators and ovens.

IT Mix drives

Whether to keep your business in-house or outsource e-commerce is a key decision to make among investors in this internet age. However, some investors have chosen to outsource some of the e-business solutions and utilize what they have internally to enhance success.

Mix drives allow customers to complete their transactions on the web and others use websites to carry out their research, get quotations and make purchases online. For quick outcomes, some investors opt for in-house approaches to develop the user-friendly and easy-to-use front end.

It is important to hire service providers that can house servers and provide the necessary bandwidth charged on a pay as you leave basis. Investors can also consider outsourcing round-the-clock managed support with software engineers on the site throughout.

Successful e-business outsourcing requires a lot of investment in efforts to negotiate and manage the contract. Ensure that you can keep the software and make any essential changes. It is advisable to deal with a supplier that is competent with a proven track of performance record.