Fix PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death – How to Get Rid of the Yellow Light of Death

Is your PlayStation 3 messing up and pissing you off? Does it keep shutting down in the middle of a game? Is Your PS3 suffering from the yellow light of death? Would you like to know what you can do to fix play station 3 yellow light of death, without having to fork over the required $150 Sony demands and six or so weeks of living without your PS3? Are you interested in getting your play station up and running within the hour?

Then it is important for you to know that there are different ways to do this. This is mostly because when you fix PlayStation 3 yellow light of death, you are fixing a general hardware failure. Here are a few things you can do to get it up and running right away:

1. Get Rid of the Heat

Playing PlayStation 3 causes heat for the components. When it gets too hot, the system will shut down just to protect its fragile components from melting. Therefore, the vry first step is get it cooled down. Don’t force it at all. Just leave it to cool for about an hour or two after which it should come back on. Other things you might want to do to prevent a recurrence is putting your system in an open space where the draft of air will cause the vents to cool.

2. Get a Cooling Device

A laptop cooling device will often do the magic. These help PCs stay cool and therefore prevent system crashes. Use this if you don’t have an air cooling vent at all. Also, you can get a fan -one that goes with gaming devices- to help cool the parts that get hot quickly.

3. Tilt the PS3 Upwards

The third way you to fix PlayStation 3 yellow light of death is by turning the fan upwards. This way, the hot air gets sucked upwards, thus cooling the system in the process.