Choose Your Road to Fame – SEO Optimization by Topic and Concept

Nobody doubts that Sandra Fluke is an expert at controversy, sexual misconduct or birth control, after recent political escapades. They might, however, question her logic as an attorney, since her argument for contraception has fallen rather flat in the uh… “social media” court room.

The road you choose to fame may determine the acknowledgement you get when you arrive.

Known for integrity, community impact and diverse communications skills, there are a vast number of people who have arrived at the same level of recognition, their identity in tact, through controversy, radical thought processes and multi-media popularity. Speaking out on a controversial topic isn’t necessarily a bad thing, nor is it always detrimental to your reputation.

The topic and concept you choose to make your claim to fame based upon might be more effective if you stand on a road with less controversy, and yet, nothing sells like sex or controversy, so those are definitely faster methods of being heard and recognized. If those are not the topics you prefer to be recognized for, however, you might want to avoid them.

Marketing choices make a difference.

Effective power marketing for your topic can bring your business brand recognition to the top of the SEO charts as fast as controversial sex talk, by creating a stir within your marketing community. Your name, your topic and your concept can be at the top of the search pages using simple marketing techniques and strategies that get you known, grab attention for your product or service and bring valuable recognition to your signature brand.

Press release options drive recognition.

Stepping into the media with a massive press release that captivates an audience from the start up could change your power structure to one of brand recognition and high drive. Controversy of any kind can bring stardom to the hedge of conceptual attainment. Where are you going with your product? Does it stand out in any audience? Is your name on it? Have you got a recognizable following in any marketing niche?

Bikers race for it! Better health. Media acclaim. Visibility from the front of the crowd. Top of the mountain. Ultimate pleasure. Recognition. What is your drive for the top of the heap? Where are you going and why?

Social media worthiness and popularity.

As a marketer you have to stay on top of your game, no matter what your topic, you need a place to rend your topic heard, open up discussion and audience, drive and motivate buyers. The value of high profile social media in a popular market is indisputable.