Best Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Site

If you already have a website, the main you might be facing is to get people to go to your site. There are ways in which you can pay to get traffic to your site, but you might end up losing more than you are making. Here are some ways of getting free traffic to your site:

1) ARTICLE MARKETING – One of the best and the most famous ways to get traffic to your website. All you have to do is sign up with article writing sites such as Ezine and write about your niche. Now make sure that is totally based on your niche. Leave a link to your website in the resource box at the end for people to click on. Now it might take a few days for Ezine to review your article and to make it live. You have to follow proper Ezine guidelines otherwise your articles might not get accepted. So if you want proper free traffic article marketing is the first one I would recommend to you.

2) BLOG COMMENTING – Some people do not like to write long articles. So I would suggest blog commenting as a second way of getting free traffic to your site. Find a blog related to your niche and leave relevant comment on it with you link at the end. Now make sure the comment is relevant and you write something catchy to make people click on your link. These are really important. Also make sure that you find a blog that allows you to comment on it and has at least 20 comments posted on it.

3) FORUM POSTING – One of the fastest ways of getting free traffic to your site. Find a forum on your niche, post a question or a topic on the forum and the most important thing, leave you website link in a way that you do not make out to be an affiliate marketer. Think of something unique. Also you should comment or reply on other peoples forum postings relevantly with you link. The stress in this method is relevance. Give this a shot and you will not be disappointed.

4) SOCIAL MEDIA – There is no need to explain how many are using social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Millions of people use social media everyday. Facebook alone has more than 75 million members to date. Search your niche, join the group, and post on it. Easy as it sounds. Same for twitter. Twitter has now become a hunting ground for affiliate marketers. A whole lot of traffic comes from these sites, so make sure to use these as your free traffic getters.

Also there are other ways of getting traffic but I think these four are the by far the best way of driving a bunch of traffic to your site.

J. Taylor