B2B Email Marketing – Does Email Marketing Work With the Conservative British Consumers

Email marketing in the UK and America works. No matter what many people would have you believe? Three of the most active buying countries when it comes to internet marketing are the United States and Canada followed closely by the United Kingdom and Australia.

With local search marketing becoming important many UK business owners are skeptical at building a database through email and then marketing to their subscribers.

Let’s look at some local UK facts. Over 80% of UK home owners actually search online for service providers. Over 17p in every UK pound is spent online. Facebook and LinkedIn marketing grew by over 50 percent during 2009. Overall online growth was over 35 percent.

So savvy UK business owners can make a huge impact by getting in front of more potential new clients than ever. Creating a targeted database that they can then market to.

Human psychology and buying patterns does differ across the globe. Though in reality not that much. We are all motivated either by pain or pleasure. It does not matter if you live in Wigan or West- Springfield. These are basic human motivations.

Email marketing in the UK is definitely enhanced by the brits’ Favourite social network, that is Facebook. An interesting fact is that there are now approximately 19 million face book users in the UK out of an estimated population of 60 million. That is over a third of the UK population all visiting one site.

A social network site where it is possible to connect with thousands of people have a fan page, and build an email database. In a friendly non threatening atmosphere where a relationship can be built in a very subtle way. In fact Facebook encourages us as users to connect with people we might just know or have a connection with.

So if you are a UK business that wants to leverage themselves online email marketing and social media could be an easy and productive answer for you.