3 Sure-Shot Shortcuts To A Free PlayStation 3

Do you desperately want a PlayStation 3 but don’t have the cash? Can’t save up for that dream machine? No problem. You’re not alone and sponsors are looking to help you out. Sony’s PlayStation 3 is no doubt the best gaming machine ever known to man. Gamers drool over it. Competitors envy it and you want it. But then, the price for this ultimate gaming is machine is also quite high, not to mention the cost of blu-ray discs for each game you want to play.

So here are 3 sure-shot shortcuts to get your dream machine and also win free games so that you won’t have to burn your pockets for a few discs:

1) Surefire Online Contests

Join as many online contests as you can. Most people join 5 to 6 contests and most of them win a PlayStation. Websites nowadays sponsor free gifts including the PlayStation 3 to entice visitors. They in return get valuable market evaluation and can analyze the customer mindset for their business. Sony release free sets of the PlayStation 3 each quarter to popular gaming sites and technology portals. You can sign up for them to receive news on contests they hold for winning your Sony PlayStation 3 free.

To find such contests, just Google for “contest win Sony PlayStation 3” or something on those lines.

2) Local Contests

Local contests have lower number of participants and increase your chances to win. It is a tradition in companies such as Sony to provide sponsored copies of the PlayStation to various gaming magazines and should sign up for all such contests. Just get the coupons from friends if you cannot subscribe to all the magazines.

3) Referral Contests

If you have a large circle of friends then you can easily win a Sony PlayStation 3 for free. You just have to sign up for any referral contest where the top 10 people who refer the highest number of their friends to the site win a Sony PlayStation. Just email all your friends or invite them through Facebook. You should be on your way to winning a PlayStation 3.

If you want to see people’s past experiences with such shortcuts, you can search on Google for “free PlayStation 3 user testimonials”. You’ll see a number of people with their free PlayStation giving out nice reviews and vouching for the legitimate programs. You can then filter legitimate contests from the dubious ones. You are recommended to sign up for the ones that have at least 5 reviews from people who already won. be sure to check if they post photos of their PlayStation along with the testimonial.

If you feel comfortable doing any of these 3 shortcuts, you can comfortably win a Sony PlayStation 3. What are you waiting for. Visit our site for more information: