How to Customize Your Galaxy S7 Wallpaper

Galaxy S7 Wallpaper

Wallpaper is necessary to set because it makes our smartphone looks more interesting. Generally, there are some wallpapers available on the smartphone at the first time we buy it. But it seems like the wallpapers are too simple to see. If you use Samsung Galaxy S7, you can customize your Galaxy S7 wallpaper using your favorite wallpaper or photo. It will make your screen display becomes more interesting and it is enjoyable when you use your smartphone. For the new users of Samsung Galaxy S7, there are some steps for you to customize your Galaxy S7 wallpaper. Check them out below.

Customize it Through Setting

There are two ways for you to customize your Galaxy S7 wallpaper. The first way is through the setting. You have to open your home screen first then click the setting menu. There will be a wallpaper icon at the top right at your smartphone. There are some choices of Galaxy S7 wallpaper available. But if you want to customize your Galaxy S7 wallpaper, you can click “from gallery” on the Wallpaper motion effect. After that choose your favorite picture or photos on your gallery and set as wallpaper.

Customize it Through Gallery

For simpler, you can use the second way of customization for your Galaxy S7 wallpaper through the gallery. Open your home screen first then open your gallery. There will be lots of your pictures or images on the gallery. Choose one of them to be your Galaxy S7 wallpaper then open the picture.

At the top right of your screen you will find the “more” button. There are some choices that relate to your picture such as rotate left, rotate right, details, slideshows, set as contact picture, and set as wallpaper. Click “set as wallpaper” then choose one of the three choices of home and lock screen, home screen, and lock screen. After you finish this step, you can see the result on your smartphone screen.…

Samsung Galaxy Phones with Water Resistant

Samsung Galaxy Phones

The quality of Samsung smartphones is no doubt for everyone. It is because Samsung is famous with good durability. Galaxy series are one of the products which have good features on its smartphone. You can find feature like water resistant in Samsung Galaxy phones. There are also advantages of this Galaxy series which is suitable for outdoor activities. If you are looking for Samsung Galaxy phones with water resistant, you can check out for the recommendations below.

Samsung Galaxy Active Neo (2015)

Samsung Galaxy Active Neo is the number one of Samsung Galaxy phones with water resistant. This phone is very suitable for you who like to do outdoor activities. It has IP57 dan IP6X certification which are very good in avoiding the dust and survive in the water. This is a very powerful mobile phone in all conditions even if it is dropped from 1.5 meters height. For the camera, it have 2MP front and 8MP main camera. It also has 2.200 mAh non removable battery.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A5 is the number two of Samsung Galaxy phones that you can choose. This phone has 5.2 inch AMOLED screen with a good display for multitasking. It has 3GB RAM capacity, 3000 mAh non removable battery, and 16MP front and main camera. It is a really worth it phone because there are also fingerprints and fast charging features on its phone. If you want a water resistance phone, you can choose this Samsung Galaxy A5 which has IP68 certification that is good for water resistant.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (2016)

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the number three of Samsung Galaxy phones to choose. It uses IP68 certification which means that this phone has a safety system in avoiding dust or for water resistant. This phone has protection in each connector hole such as speaker. But you cannot bring your phone underwater for more than 30 minutes. You do not need to be hesitate anymore about the quality of this phone. It is because it have 4GB RAM and 3600 mAh non removable battery. For the camera, it has 5MP front and 12MP main camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy Note8 is the number four of Samsung Galaxy phones to choose. As it is a note series, it has 6.3 inch Super AMOLED screen that is more than enough for writing or drawing activities. It has bigger RAM about 6GB and 3300 mAh non removable battery. For the camera, it have 8MP front and 12MP main camera. The most advantage of this phone is about water resistant. You can carry this phone at a depth of 5 meters without any protectors. It is amazing, right?

Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018)

Samsung Galaxy A8+ is the number five of Samsung Galaxy phones to choose. It brings  6.0 inches AMOLED screen on its phone and IP68 certification which is very good for the secure system. There are also bigger capacity of 6 GB RAM and 3500 mAh non removable battery. This phone is a good choice for you because you can carry it at a depth of 1.5 meters underwater for 30 minutes.…

New Samsung Smartphone Released in 2018 Review

New Samsung Smartphone

Samsung becomes a big smartphone company internationally. Although in its appearance, Samsung is still less competitive with other brand such as Iphone. But nowadays, it gets more popularity in gadget world. There must be a new Samsung smartphone released every year. The quality of the smartphone is also increasing. It can be seen from the euphoria of the people every time Samsung releases its new Samsung smartphone. If you are a big fan of this brand, you must follow the review below.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro

The first new Samsung smartphone released in 2018 is Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro. If you are looking for lower price of Samsung smartphone, J2 Pro is a perfect choice for you. This smartphone has a fairly complete specification for the price measure about $145. It comes with 5.0 inch super AMOLED display and 540 x 960 pixels qHD resolution. It has enough memory storage 16 GB with 1.5 GB RAM.

For the camera, it has 8 MP main camera and also 5 MP front camera with LED flash, that you can use for selfie in day and night. This smartphone uses Li-Ion battery with 2600 mAh that is enough to support your activities. You do not have to be worry for the network connection because this smartphone supports 4G LTE.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2 is the next new Samsung smartphone you need to know. What makes this smartphone different with the previous Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime series  is about the 13 MP front camera. It has 5.5 inch Full HD display and 13 MP main camera. It also has big capacity of battery about 3300 mAh. Besides, the large capacity of 32 GB internal memory and 3 GB RAM memory will give you wide space to save pictures or videos. For the CPU, it uses 1.6 Ghz octa core with chipset Exynos 7870.

Samsung Galaxy A8+

The next new Samsung smartphone released in 2018 is Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+. It has 6.0 inch super AMOLED display and anti-scratch Gorilla glass screen. For the camera, it has 8 MP front camera and 16 MP back camera.  The internal memory is about 64 GB and also 6 GB RAM available. It has an embedded 3500 mAh Li-Ion battery with fast charging. If you have lower budget, you can buy the Samsung Galaxy A8 with smaller capacity of memory. But it is better to add your budget later to buy Samsung Galaxy A8+.

Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung Galaxy S9+ is the next new Samsung smartphone to know. It has Super AMOLED display with 6.2 inch. For the camera, it has dual main camera and two lens opening options which are 12 MP for the main camera and 8 MP for the front camera.  While for the memory, it has 64 GB internal memory and 6 GB RAM. It also has an embedded 3500 mAh Li-Ion battery with fast charging.…

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