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What Is Galaxy Apps

Understanding What Is Galaxy Apps?

If you are Samsung users, you may already familiar with the Galaxy Apps. It actually has the same capability as Google Playstore on Android...
Skype Text Tricks

Simple Skype Text Tricks to Try at Home

Texting activities become easier to do nowadays. No need to use balance anymore because it only needs the internet connection . There are platforms...
Samsung Galaxy J36v

Plus and Minus of Samsung Galaxy J36v to Know

J series are familiar in any classes among Samsung users. Not only for upper but lower class also can have Samsung J series. Samsung...
S7 Wallpaper

How to Set S7 Wallpaper in Multiple

Using normal single wallpaper for your smartphones is kind of boring. It is because it makes them become very ordinary even though they are...
Galaxy S7 Wallpaper

How to Customize Your Galaxy S7 Wallpaper

Wallpaper is necessary to set because it makes our smartphone looks more interesting. Generally, there are some wallpapers available on the smartphone at the...
Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung Galaxy Phones with Water Resistant

The quality of Samsung smartphones is no doubt for everyone. It is because Samsung is famous with good durability. Galaxy series are one of...
New Samsung Smartphone

New Samsung Smartphone Released in 2018 Review

Samsung becomes a big smartphone company internationally. Although in its appearance, Samsung is still less competitive with other brand such as Iphone. But nowadays,...

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